We offer end-to-end Microsoft Teams adoption strategy

Adoption and Change Management Services


Based on Microsoft Service Adoption Framework


We work with you to help build your success criteria, and establish a KPI benchmark


Targeted and Broad-based approach

Our Approach to Adoption

In these days and times, it is not enough to deliver an IT project without understanding the people that uses it. Our approach at Sparvia Systems is to get to know your business and workforce before implementing any change management strategy.

What does it mean?

Our consultants will tailor an adoption strategy that is unique to you, based on what's important to business functions and business case scenarios that represent your workforce.

Why is Sparvia's Change Management Services Different?

01. Empathy

We listen to your people. By conducting user research within your organisation, this helps us to understand areas where there might be resistance when deploying new technology. 

06. Domain Knowledge

By combining our in-depth industry knowledge and experience as well as highly trained consultants, we help our clients achieve high adoption rates.

05. Technical Competencies

Very so often a lapse in understanding, timelines or functionalities create a gap between feature rollouts and technical readiness within a Change Management Plan. Our ACM Consultants are authorized to bring into your project, our own Technical Consultants, to ensure your plans stay on track.

02. Communities

Our champion strategy will help you get to grips with the recruitment process, how to establish a robust network of technology enthusiasts and prepare them for the change. Champions really are the ears and eyes to your business and will play a key role in any digital transformation.

03. Project Team

MCSE boot camps have its supporters and its detractors. Some people do not understand why you should have to spend money.

04. Guide, Encourage, Support

An internal, friendly and familiar face of change brings more benefit to the initiative. We help support key staff members in your organization.

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